The Aomori Nebuta Festival kicks off this weekend

One of Japan’s biggest summer festivals has kicked off in the northeastern city of Aomori. The Aomori Nebuta Festival is known for its spectacular floats that parade through the city. The floats, called “Nebuta”, carry huge illuminated paper lanterns shaped like legendary heroes and ancient warriors. The parade started on Saturday night with 15 floats, […]


100 Companies in Japan Make Something Stronger than Steel — Will work together to produce nanocellulose

About 100 companies in Japan will work together to put nanocellulose, made from wood fibers, into practical use as a next-generation material, with one-fifth the weight of steel but about five times the strength. Companies involved with its development include paper manufacturers, automakers, chemical companies and others. They aim to utilize the new material for […]


Tomioka Silk Mill Now a World Heritage Site

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee decided Saturday to add the Tomioka Silk Mill, a historic factory building symbolizing Japan’s industrialization from the 19th century, to the World Cultural Heritage list. The mill and related sites in Gunma Prefecture became the 18th World Heritage property in Japan including natural heritage sites. They are also Japan’s first […]

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