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Kami Anison – Godly Awesome Animation Songs – Part 5 – Bokurano – Uninstall


This song is from an animation “Bokurano” meaning “our”. The story is about 15 boys and girls who have to fight for control of “Zearth”, which is a huge robot they will use to save the Earth. Each one of the boys or girls has to control Zearth every fight, and they are destined to die after the fight as it drains their life force for energy. The emotions of having their lives forfeit and tied to the destiny of the Earth and their confrontations with death is so well drawn in this that you will be drawn in as well. This is a very thought-provoking animation and explores more of what we are in this the world than you might at first realize.

Chiaki Ishikawa
Ano toki saikou no riaru ga mukou kara aini kita nowa
Bokura no sonzai ga konna nimo tanjunda to warai ni kitanda
Mimi wo sumashite mo ryote wo surinukeru shinjitsu ni madou yo
Hosoi karada no doko ni chikara wo irete tateba ii…
Uninstall Uninstall
Kono hoshi no musu no chiri no hitotsu dato
Ima no boku niwa rikai dekinai
Uninstall Uninstall
Osore wo shiranai senshi no youni furumau shika nai

Bokura no muishiki wa katte ni togisumasarete ikuyouda
Beddo no shita no rinkaku no nai kehaini kono me ga hiraku toki wa
Kokoro nado nakute nanimokamo kowashiteshimau hageshisa dake
Shizukani kieteiku kisetsu mo erabenai to iunonara…
Uninstall Uninstall
Boku no kawari ga inainara
Futsu ni nagareteta ano nichijou wo
Uninstall Uninstall
Kono te de owarasetakunaru nanimo waruikotoja nai

Uninstall Uninstall
Kono hoshi no musu no chiri no hitotsu dato
Ima no boku niwa rikai dekinai
Uninstall Uninstall
Osore wo shiranai senshi no youni furumau shika nai

The reason why the best reality came to see us at that time is
Because it came to laugh at our lives are so simple
I’m bewildered by the truth which come through into my ears even if I cover my ears
How can I stand up with such a thin body?

Uninstall Uninstall
I still can’t understand we all are just one of those millions of dust on this earth
Uninstall Uninstall
I’ll have to act like the soldier who doesn’t know the fear

Our insensibility seems to be sharpened by it self
When my eyes open to the spirit that doesn’t have its shape
There are no heart but only heat that destroys everything
If I can’t decide of the season that I quietly disappear

Uninstall Uninstall
If there is nobody who can be replaced
My regular life that was normally passing
Uninstall Uninstall
I want to finish it with these hands

Uninstall Uninstall
I still can’t understand we all are just one of those millions of dust on this earth
Uninstall Uninstall
I’ll have to act like the soldier who doesn’t know the fear

Wagashi – Japanese Sweets

Here are a couple of videos to help explain all those wonderful candies or wagashi that you see when at the department stores or at other confectionery shops around Japan. Wagashi truly is an art and is generally made from natural ingredients. Wagashi is typically served as part of a Japanese tea ceremony, and is also a very seasonal gift. In fact, serving a proper seasonal wagashi shows one’s educational background.

During the Edo period, the production of sugarcane in Okinawa became highly productive, and low quality brown sugar as well as heavily processed white sugar became widely available. A type of sugar, wasanbon was perfected in this period and is still used exclusively to make wagashi. In those early times, wagashi was a popular gift between samurai.

And wagashi doesn’t have to always be so serious as it does art:

Photo by: merec0

Ooh So Cute!

Ooh So Cute! is a new site that focuses on everything cute! It’s a one stop shop for everything kawaii and cuddly. The site has an adorable layout and offers an array of everything you may need to make your life a little cuter. Fashion and cute come together on this site like never before. Cute or kawaii characters like Hello Kitty, Miss Bunny, Duffy and Tinker Bell to name a few can be found in every shape and form you can imagine. You can get everything from cute accessories to adorable car floor mats. Kawaii, ne? They even offer things for men and boys as well, cause you know they can use a little cute, too. It seems as long as it’s cute, it’s on Ooh So Cute!

The site hopes to be a place where anyone can find something they like and not have to worry about spending time mulling through other sites weeding out the cute. It also hopes to be a place where families can shop together online. So there won’t be anything unwholesome on the site.

The site has many offerings and will be adding more and more each day. If you know of something cute you should let them know. If you sign in you can rate an item with an +1 Ooh! Heart, share your comments on every item, and get updates via either twitter or RSS. The top rated items are listed so you can participate and help Ooh So Cute! make the world a cuter place!

Now, isn’t that cute!

Bistro Juban Stand – Standing Bar

Standing Bars are not only for middle aged men any more. They once were as they were used by salarymen to drop in after work. They would drink, perhaps have an appetizer, and talk there around the big barrels discussing what ever it was that happened to be happening around the office. That was yesterday. Not today. Today standing bars are a lot more hip and diverse.


For a stylish Standing Bar near Azabu Juban Station, try the Bistro Juban Stand. It is open for all and has a regular fair of many young women and internationals, too. But, besides all those wonderful people being around…well it’s really affordable with 390 yen jugs of beer, 500 yen sake and so-chu, and even appetizers that go for 300 yen, like the Shrimp Peperonchino…did I say yummy? Yummy.


Out late? Don’t like to go home? When you’ve missed the last train, you can just stay there until 4 a.m. the next morning. No biggie, no hassle. They’re open late. If you like to sit and drink, they have a table in the back (Charge 500 yen). But after a few that might be where you want to end up.

During the daytime, they serve their own original curry. It is 490 yen and tasty. They serve 100s of dishes of curry each and every day. I’ve been there and I know you will enjoy just drinking or meeting new friends there. Try it out. But, hey it’s getting cooler outside you say for a standing bar…more reason to find someone and stand a little closer.

Hint: If you need a landmark look for the big barrels placed in front of the bar.


For More Information:

Address: 2-1-9-1F Azabu Juban, Minato-ku
1minute walk from Subway Nanboku line, Oedo line “Azabu Juban” exit 4
TEL: 03-5730-9777
Time: 16:00-4:00am


All you can eat KFC in Osaka

Have you ever thought about eating as much KFC fried chicken as you want?

There is such a place where your dream can come true.

KFC Onohara in Osaka is that place. It’s the only KFC that has a buffet called the Colonel Buffet. And they call it that for a reason cause it has it all!


After paying a buffet fee (weekdays: 1050 yen, weekends and holidays: 1380 yen), you get a bottomless glass and a endless plate. The buffet has not only the colonel’s secret recipe fried chicken, but french fries, chicken nuggets, fried noodles, dumplings, pasta, vegetables, coleslaw, fruits…your mouth watering, yet?

It does have a time limitation, though…60 minutes on weekdays, and 40 minutes on weekends and holidays.



The packs of tea and gum syrup that have the Colonel Sander’s face on them are my favorite of tiniest of touches.

If you share the dream of all you can eat KFC, try it and let us know about it.

3-3-29 Aoshinke Minoo-shi Osaka
TEL: 072-730-2700

Buffet Times:
11:00-15:00 (weekdays)
11:00-20:00 (weekends)


Previous Prime Minister Koizumi becomes a voice actor for new UltraMan movie?

Junichiro Koizumi will roar once again in a new movie “Dai Kaijuu Battle Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie” as a voice actor! His part is “Ultraman King” who is the captain of the Ultra family.

The first time he got this offer, he tried to refuse it. But his family encouraged him and he decided to do it. Go Fam!

The movie will come out on December 12th.

Tokyo Tower in Lights — “insert message here.”

Tokyo Tower…Ever wonder what all the lights mean? Well here’s you chance to find out…well maybe it’s in Japanese…but I’ll give you a few hints as to what’s happening this month…

Just past is pink on the 1st and it was for….breast cancer’s “Pink Ribbon Day.”

And today, Friday the 2nd, is for the 2016 Olympics and Paralymics, and on the 11th and 12th is something called Diamond Veil and has the message reading “Grow your spirit in love, earth, the environment, and peace.”

I like it, and I hope you do, too.

Go ahead and take a look…it’s interactive…Tokyo Tower Official Site

photo of “50th Anniversary of Tokyo Tower” by inoc

Phoenix Unleashed at the Kyoto International Manga Museum

A sculpture of Phoenix appeared in Kyoto International Manga Museum on September 22nd.

This Phoenix is from the manga series of the same name written by Osamu Tezuka.

The statue is made by the same sculptors that have sculpted Buddha in Japan. And it’s big! The Phoenix has a width of 11 meters and a height of 4.5 meters. That’s more than 35 feet wide and almost 15 feet tall.

Busshi (traditional Buddhist sculptor) Mitsuaki Sudo and his workers have been carving the sculpture out of red pine since the end of last year. The sculpture is made similarly to buddha sculpture, such as in the use of lacquered gold foil and “Gyokugan,” which means glass is fitted in for its eyes. All in all it took six months to finish this beautiful piece of art.

At its unveiling ceremony, Sudo said, “The Phoenix is the bird that has the energy to fly in the universe, so I hope young people feel hopes for tomorrow.”

Tsukimi – How can we enjoy Tsukimi?

This October 3rd in 2009 is Ju-goya (Full moon night). It is the day for Tsukimi. Tsukimi means watching the moon. People enjoy watching the moon and the feeling it gives on cool autumn nights.

This custom originally came from China, but has changed a little in Japan. Compared with Chinese Tsukimi, which is a big annual event, Japanese Tsukimi mainly is a day to enjoy watching the moon and just soaking in autumn.

How can we enjoy Tsukimi?

Usually, we put silver glasses, Tsukimi dango (Dumplings), aroids(potatoes type roots), edamame, chestnuts, sake, and so on…in a place from where you can see the moon at home. The reason why you put silver glasses is because they have the power to ward off evil spirits. And the reason for putting those foods in the moonlight is said to be in appreciation of the harvest and is in respect to nature.

During the Heian Period, noble people had a drinking spree and enjoyed writing poems about the moon. And they enjoyed not only watching the moon directly, but also watching it reflected in a pond and in the sake in their cups.

After you finish Tsukimi of Ju-goya on October 3rd, you also may enjoy another Tsukimi on October 30th. It is called Ju-sanya. You will be able to see the second most beautiful moon of the month on that night. It is good for luck with money and succees to pray for the moon on Ju-sanya.

So, if you have a deep appreciation for autumn or a drinking spree of your own and come up with some lyrical poems or not so lyrical poems…we would love to have you post them here in the comments section.