Apple files iWatch trademark in Japan – but does it equal a smartwatch???

Apple hasnt confirmed that it is working on a smartwatch, or that the rumored device will be called “iWatch,” but it has filed for a trademark on the name in Japan. That, in and of itself, isnt confirmation that Apple really does have a smartwatch in the works, but it sure does make the idea more plausible.

The rumors surrounding the iWatch claim it will link wirelessly to users iPhones to display messages, alerts and other content such as driving directions and weather reports. It may also sport fitness tracking features and apparently the company has over 100 engineers working on the watch project, assuming, of course, that the reports allegedly leaking out of Cupertino are legit.

Now an Apple trademark filing in Japan from early June has surfaced for the iWatch name, according to Bloomberg.

Read the rest of the story: Japan iWatch Trademark Means Apples Smartwatch is Coming. Maybe.

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