Whats Wrong with this? Almost Everything! Angel Knee Pillow

Some new inventions should never see the light of day, but Japan has a way of inventing the unnecessary like no other country and coming out with some of the most useless stuff I’ve never wanted. But all the while some of the things I have seen lately atleast at certain times of the day are just ridiculous while making sense at the same time. Case in point…behold…


In 2007, Kaiteki Raifu Kenkyusho unveiled a kneeling bench that enables closer peeing range for male folk. That’s right if you are too manly to sit when you pee or you like getting your face a little closer to the bowl the Angels Knee Pillow (or Tenshi no Hizamakura) is for you!

The company that created it envisioned men kneeling down on this handy bench whenever they needed to pee.

The company’s overall goal is eliminating pee droplets on the rim as well as in the outer toilet area. Thus, they believed that shortening the distance between the person and the rim would minimize such spillage. Maybe they should try selling penis enlargers or attachable hoses next.


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