Japans Electronics Industry is Bleeding Heavy As Companies Post Huge Losses

Can Japan afford for its legendary electronics companies to lose?  Alarmingly, this unthinkable thought is becoming thinkable.  The real question now is whether such a disaster is inevitable.

In the year ending March 31, 2012 Sony NYSE:SNE is expecting to lose JPY 220 billion USD 2.9 billion  .    This follows losses in the FY 2011 of JPY 260 billion USD 3.2 billion. Panasonic NYSE: PC will lose JPY 780 billion USD  10.3 billion following a loss of JPY 74 billion in the previous year. Sharp SHCAY.PK is expecting to lose JPY 290 billion USD 3.8 billion for the year.

The carnage extends to business apparatus and electric parts makers.  NEC NIPNY.PK is expecting to lose some JPY 100 billion.

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