Softbank Offers Staff $11,000 to Learn English

Japanese mobile carrier Softbank, which made headlines over a $20 billion takeover of US-based Sprint Nextel, is offering employees an incentive to master English – one million yen.

The firm said on Friday it is giving the cash reward, worth about $11,200, to workers who get top marks in an English-proficiency test for non-native speakers, known as TOEIC, or Test of English for International Communications.

A mark above 900 – on a scale from 10 to 990 – will make the grade, Softbank said, adding the offer applied to about 17,000 employees.

Those who score 800 or higher will get 300,000 yen, it said.

The company said it has been training employees to give presentations in English, but figured cold hard cash would be an extra incentive.

Read the rest of the story: Softbank offers staff one million yen to learn good English.

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