Kami Anison – Godly Awesome Animation Songs – Part 2 – Sakura Wars

I still remember when this song caught my ears as it left me with a strong impression during a TV commercial.

Sakura War was first released as a video game for Sega Saturn. Then, it became an animation for TV and musical because of its charming characters and well thought-out stories.

The character’s costumes and names are like Japanese ones from around the end of the samurai period, but they live in a very technologically advanced nation with advanced weaponry. The main characters are such pure ladies, though they have strong wills and fight. I guess these mismatches of traditional looks with dramatic action are what make this animation so intriguing.

Sakura War Opening
Hikisaita Yami ga Hoe Furueru Teito ni (At Teito where the torn darkness roars and shakes )

Ai no Uta Takaraka ni Odorideru Senshitachi (The soldiers burst out singing a love song from the rooftops)

Kokoro made Koutetsu ni Busousuru Otome (The ladies arm even their hearts with steel)

Aku wo Kechirashite Seigi wo Shimesunoda (Blow up evil and show justice)

Hashire Kousoku no Teikoku Kagekidan (Run at light speed Teikoku Kagekidan)

Unare Shougeki no Teikoku Kagekidan (Howl electrifyingly Teikoku Kagekidan)

Kami Anison – Godly Awesome Animation Songs- Part 1 – Sosei no Aquarian

Here, I will publish Kami Anisons (Godly Awesome Animation Songs).

The memorable first one is Sosei no Aquarian. It is from a Science Fiction animation, which broadcasted in 2005. The story is about the war between humans and their enemies, Datenshi (Fallen Angels). They were beaten 12,000 years ago, but came back due to cataclysmic weather changes. Global Warming, anyone?

The catch phrase “I want to unite with you” aroused criticism because it contains a kind of sexual meaning.

This song got a JASRAC Award (Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers) in 2008, because of its specific melody which gets stuck in your head and Akino’s beautiful voice.

I hope you enjoy it!

-Astoro Girl

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Original Version

Sosei no Aquarian – Lyrics

Sekai no Hajimari no Hi (The day the World begins)
Inochi no Ki no Shita de (Under the tree of life)
Kujira tachi no Koe no Amai Zankyou, Futari de Kiita (You and I heard the far echo of Whale’s voice)
Nakushita Mono Subete (All things I lost)
Aishita Mono Subete (All things I loved)
Kono Te ni Dakishimete (Holding those things)
Ima wa Doko wo Samayoi Ikuno? (Where am I wandering?)

Kotae no Hisomu Kohaku no Taiyou (The amber sun that secretly has the answer)
Deawanakereba Satsuriku no Tenshi de Irareta (I could have been the bloodletting angel if I didn’t meet you)
Fushi Naru Matataki Motsu Tamashii (The spirit that has immortal scintillation)
Kidu Tsukanaide Boku no Hane (Don’t hurt, my wings)
Kono Kimochi Shiru Tame Umarete Kita (I was born to know this feeling)

* Chorus *
Ichiman Nen to Nisen Nen Mae Kara Aishiteru (I’ve loved you since 12,000 years ago)
Hassen Nen Sugita Koro kara Motto Koishiku Natta (I’ve missed you since 8,000 years passed)
Ichioku to Nisen Nen Ato mo Aishiteru (I’ll love you after 100,002,000 years)
Kimi wo Shitta Sono Hi kara (Since the day I knew you)
Boku no Jigoku ni Ongaku wa Taenai (There always has been music in my Hell)

Sekai ga Owaru Mae ni (Before the world ends)
Inochi ga Owaru Mae ni (Before the life ends)
Nemuru Nageki Hodoite (I want to break this sleeping distress and)
Kimi no Kaori Dakishimetaiyo (I want to hold your scent)

Mimi Sumaseta Watatsumi no Kioku (The memory of the sea-god that I listened to)
Shitsui ni Nomare Tachitsukusu Uruwashiki Tsuki (The beautiful moon standing frozen with broken heart)
Yomigaere Towa ni Karenu Hikari (Come back, the light that never dies forever)
Yogosarenaide kimi no Yume (Don’t blacken, your dreams)
Inori Yadoshi Nagara Umarete Kita (I was born holding a cross)

*Chorus Repeats*

Kimi ga Kurikaeshi Otona ni Natte ( You grow up over again and)
Nando mo Nando mo To-ku e Itte (go far again and again)
Mimamoru Boku ga Nemurenai Boku ga (I watch you and can’t sleep, and)
Kusha kusha ni Natta to Shitemo (even if my body is falling apart,)
Kimi no Na wo Utau Tame ni… (for singing your name…)

Ichiman Nen to Nisen Nen Mae Kara Aishiteru (I’ve loved you since 12,000 years ago)
Hassen Nen Sugita Koro kara Motto Koishiku Natta (I’ve missed you since 8,000 years passed)
Ichioku to Nisen Nen Ato mo Aishiteru (I’ll love you after 100,002,000 years)
Kimi wo Shitta Sono Hi kara (Since the day I knew you)

Ichiman Nen to Nisen Nen Mae Kara Aishiteru (I’ve loved you since 12,000 years ago)
Hassen Nen Sugita Koro kara Motto Koishiku Natta (I’ve missed you since 8,000 years passed)
Ichioku to Nisen Nen Tatte mo Aishiteru (I’ll love you after 100,002,000 years)
Kimi wo Shitta Sono Hi kara (Since the day I knew you)
Boku no Jigoku ni Ongaku wa Taenai (There always has been music in my Hell)

English Version

Gundam – Standing Tall in Odaiba

Almost ready…This giant 35-ton, 18-meter tall, full-scale Gundam is in Shiokaze Park within Odaiba, Tokyo to commemorate 30 years of Mobile Suit Gundam. The Gundam sports a moving head and is able to shoot mist and light from fifty points on its body. Check out the cool video below.

Maaya Sakamoto

Maaya Sakamoto (坂本真綾 ,Sakamoto Maaya, born March 31, 1980 in Itabashi, Tokyo) is a Japanese seiyū and singer-songwriter who made her debut in 1996 as the voice of Hitomi Kanzaki in the hit anime series The Vision of Escaflowne. She also sings on the soundtrack album for the film. She sings songs in both Japanese and English.

She is set to voice Alphard alongside Miyuki Sawashiro who voices the main character Canaan. The series is currently in production.

She also does the voice of Padmé Amidala in the Japanese dub of Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III. She reprized the role in the current ongoing anime series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

She won the Anime Grand Prix in year 1999 under the song category, for Cardcaptor Sakura’s opening theme Purachina. She won the award for two consecutive years.

Her latest single Ame ga Furu was released on October 29, 2008.


Masato Shimon 子門 真人

Masato Shimon (子門 真人,Shimon Masato, January 4, 1944–) is a Japanese vocalist from Meguro, Tokyo. He is most known for his contributions to the theme songs of various anime and tokusatsu series. In his career, he has sung under the names Kouichi Fuji (藤 浩一 ,Fuji Kōichi?), Akira Tani (谷 あきら ,Tani Akira?), and Ryū Kisami (希砂未 竜 ,Kisami Ryū?). “Masato Shimon” is also his recording name, as he was born with the name Masaharu Fujikawa (藤川 正治 ,Fujikawa Masaharu?). He recorded a song “Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun” (1975) with only 50,000 yen, but the single sold 4,547,620 copies and became the best-selling single in Japan. It is also listed in the Guinness World Records.

Masato Shimon on TV performing his hit single “Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun”

Otaku Fantasy is Getting Closer to Reality thanks to Science

Demonstrating a new method for fabricating three-dimensional living biological structures, researchers at University of Tokyo’s Institute of Industrial Science (IIS) created a 5-millimeter tall doll composed of living cells.

In an announcement made on January 22nd, the researchers said they created the tiny figure by cultivating 100,000 cell capsules — 0.1-millimeter balls of collagen, each coated with dozens of skin cells — together inside a doll-shaped mold for one day. After the cell capsules had coalesced to form the doll-shaped mass of tissue, it was placed in a culture solution, where it survived for more than a day according to the report.

The researchers, led by IIS professor Shoji Takeuchi, also successfully tested the bio-fabrication method with human liver cells. According to Takeuchi, the technique can be used to create bodily organs and tissues with complex cellular structures, which may prove useful in the fields of regenerative medicine and drug development.


The overall shape can be controlled by changing the mold,” said Takeuchi, who expressed a desire to combine multiple types of cells to create a complex system that functions as a living organism.

More info can be in this pdf which can downloaded from the IIS site: more.

Nakano Broadway

When I first entered Nakano Broadway I didn’t know what to expect. As I entered under the large red sign into the long corridor that makes up the first floor I wasn’t at all impressed. I was expecting a grander welcome that wasn’t there, at least not on the first floor. I saw a regular cheap ¥100 shop, a suit shop, and a cute place with socks representing each of the prefectures of Japan, but I didn’t see anything right away that would have given me any sense of what this place was hiding. At least not until I saw the Japanese idol trading card shop. Then I knew I was getting warmer and just a bit closer to the Otaku heaven this place has a reputation for. I didn’t have the time to stare and gawk though. I was ushered by my escort upstairs by way of escalator just as quickly as could be done through the crowd. Once on the top floor my eyes began to open wide to the world of Japanese pop culture. It was a treasure trove of Japanese pop culture mania or should say it is the mother load. That is Nakano Broadway, a hobbyist dream come true.

I didn’t realize that half of this stuff ever existed, but a lot of it reminded me of going though my grandparents attic and seeing some of the old toys that were my dad’s when he was growing up, but these were way freakier and not as dusty. These were spotless toys and they were everywhere and some perfectly preserved with boxes and all. Some were out and some were secured behind glass, but each seemed to have its place. It was obvious by just walking around and seeing a few of the shelves that there was a great deal of care put into the display of these mighty little figures and toys. There was of course the familiar Robbi The Robot from Forbidden Planet, Speed Racer, and Astro Boy filling up the shelves in various forms from trading cards to life-sized replicas, but after that all familiarity was gone. The most strange and somewhat disturbing thing I saw was a crucified Ultraman that seemed to be all the rage as he was everywhere. There were creatures and characters here that I’m sure are most beloved by most Japanese, but that I had no idea of who or what they could be. And they were rampant and scattered about, ambiguous in their domain. It was awesome nostalgia meets today’s now! It was glorious and spectacular!

But it wasn’t all toys here. There were all sorts of hobbies on display. There were manga books and anime cels. There were cosplay costumes of every type and character. There were air gun shops full of military realistic weapons and even more realistic if not realistic suits, helmets, badges, and outfits. There were those key chain/phone doodads made to look like everything cute under the sun. There were maid cafes, movie posters, record, and DVD stores. There was even a yo-yo shop and I’m sure stuff that I’m not mentioning that I might still be blinded by if I try to recall. All together it was a reminder of being a kid, and if you looked not even so hard, you could see the wanting eyes of window shoppers as they studied the toys and figures of their yesterdays through the glass. And it was all marked and priced and ready to be loved. And then, there were the people that were living their childhood still. Dressed to the nines in outfits and splendor that a kid’s imagination can only fathom and few can fashion.

We kept popping in and out of shops all day meticulously doing our own gawking at the shelves. We spent most of the time mentioning our own memories that were sparked by the pop amalgam and bursting into laughs at the more than occasional site of the absurd. It was fun. When we made it back to the bottom again we were both starving, but that’s a different story.