Jackie Chan the Japanese Drunken Master with Kirin Beer

The beloved master of Kung Fu and action-packed films, Jackie Chan is known for insanely crazy stunts and the strange kid cartoon. However, Japanese beermaker Kirin has made Jackie Chan look hilarious for a 7 minute short film involving beer and Tokyo. It’s Drunken Master all over again!

Here’s something not all Jackie Chan fans see every day. Japanese beer maker, Kirin instils the help of martial artist Jackie Chan and Shoko Nakagawa for a short film. Interestingly enough, all this was to promote and advertise Kirn’s Nogodoshi Draft Beer.

Probably the best part of the short film is the typical one liner from the guy holding a fan. Of course, Jackie Chan comes in to save the day in his iconic Drunken Master style with a staff causing the villain to explode after being launched in the air.

The short film might not be enough to bring on the urge to drink Kirin’s special Nogodoshi Draft Beer but the direction and choreography definitely did the short justice. Fans of Chan will certainly remember him as the Drunken Master and commemorate it with a Kirin beer.


Fans of Chan might as well thank Kirin’s ordinary 34-year old office worker, Kazuo Ishida, for the idea. The seven minute video was done all thanks to a 39-item checklist by Ishida in hopes for his dream to come true. The original checklist is as follows.

  • Dream 1: I want to be a kung fu action star…
  • Dream 2: …and work with Jackie Chan.
  • Dream 3: The leading lady should be Shoko Nakagawa (Shokotan)…
  • Dream 4: …the main villain: my buddy from university.
  • Dream 5: I want a scene where Jackie, Shokotan, and I are eating together.
  • Dream 6: Jackie is drinking tea.
  • Dream 7: I want to use like a chair or something in a fight.
  • Dream 8: And I’ll hit a bunch of guys with it like bam, bam, bam!
  • Dream 9: Then I want break that chair.
  • Dream 10: I want Jackie Chan to do something cool in the end scene. Ummmm….
  • Dream 11: I want the bad guys to come to kidnap Shokotan.
  • Dream 12: I throw narutomaki at someone.
  • Dream 13: Hmm, I definitely want to use a chair to fight.
  • Dream 14: And I want to break a table.
  • Dream 15: A bad guy should say “I’ll remember this!” as he runs away.
  • Dream 16: Of course, they come back to get revenge.
  • Dream 17: I want that same bad guy to say “Boss! It’s him!”
  • Dream 18: Then we go outside and there’s like 100 enemies.
  • Dream 19: Before fighting I flick my button off like a badass.
  • Dream 20: I don’t want to be good with nunchaku… for comedy. Annnnnnd….
  • Dream 21: Something should fall all over one of the bad guys.
  • Dream 22: I do some cool kicks.
  • Dream 23: Then I knock one guy into a huge group of enemies.
  • Dream 24: A guy comes out with, like, knives for hands.
  • Dream 25: I fight him with vegetables, you know, for comedy.
  • Dream 26: I do some team work with Jackie.
  • Dream 27: Shotokan makes a cute face.
  • Dream 28: Oh, and I definitely want to do something with wires.
  • Dream 29: I’d like to throw a guy off a roof.
  • Dream 30: I want to do a real stunt. Let’s see….
  • Dream 31: A bunch of old-timey pots should break.
  • Dream 32: Then I give a “thumbs-up.”
  • Dream 33: Then I want to do that pose, you know, the one from that movie [Drunken Master].
  • Dream 34: I want to train on one of those wooden men things.
  • Dream 35: And do sword practice in front of a sunset.
  • Dream 36: But get this! Then I lose…
  • Dream 37: and say “Duì bù qǐ” to Jackie.
  • Dream 38: In the end Jackie finishes off the head bad guy.
  • Dream 39: Then there’s and explosion and… That should do it.

Shoujo-filled Anime Week in Review: From Nisekoi to Infinite Stratos

Fans of the manga, Nisekoi (ニセコイ, False Love), will be delighted to hear that an anime adaptation is slated for the works. Written by Naoshi Komi (古味 直志), Nisekoi is the usual shoujo manga with the harem plot. The story revolves around the high school boy, Raku Ichijou, who is set to become the heir of Yakuza group. In come Chitoge Kirisaki, daughter of rival gang and a confusing yet hilarious love triangle involved.

Around 6 volumes with over 75 chapters have already been released among various manga platforms. There have been no other details regarding the debut of the anime.

Next up is Infinite Stratos slated for a second season this Fall. In the announcement on the official website, second season of TV Anime Infinite Stratos will start airing on October 2013. The broadcast of a second season was made just last month and new heroines have already been mentioned. The latest new heroine has already been aired on the website namely Tatenashi Sarashiki (更識 楯無). It’s another harem in the works but still worth the watch with cute girls plus Charlotte back on track.

A quick synopsis of Infinite Stratos is as follows: “Japan engineered an armed powered exoskeleton “Infinite Stratos” (IS) and it became the mainstream of weapons. Orimura Ichika is a 15 year old boy and accidentally touches an IS placed in the IS pilot training school. He is found to be the only man who can operate IS and forced to enter the training school. Ichika’s busy school life surrounded by girls has begun.”


Last but not the least is Henneko: The “Hentai” Prince and the Stony Cat. With twelve episodes slated, episode five has already been released. Staying true to classic manga perverse humour, the story is that of a typical high school student who wishes away his tendency to lie. The hilarity begins when the mysterious cat statue instead forces him to say everything on his mind in pure honesty. Of course, a girl comes along to heighten the fun.

It’s the usual harem/ service filled-moe plus comedy that Japan anime never runs short of.


Inspector Gadget iPhone Invention Quick-Draws Your Phone

Answering phone calls by taking it out of your pocket or purse and placing it to your ear is so 2012. Now that a Japanese man has invented an iPhone quick-draw system, the only way we want anyone to answer their phone is by having it project out of their sleeve, to then hold it up to their ear in a super-cool manner.

The Japanese inventor featured in the video above shows a number of his prototypes for a quick-draw iPhone system. Some prototypes completely fall apart, while others shoot the iPhone out of his hand at screen-cracking speed. Ultimately, the inventor produces just the right prototype for him to begin using it for its obvious purpose: to perform a montage of cool-looking action moves, ending with answering his iPhone.

For some strange reason, at one point in the video, the inventor equips the quick-draw iPhone system to his legs. A moment later, he performs a quadruple quick-draw that makes us immediately wish we had such a system available to us right now.

Read the rest of the story: Japanese Inventor Features Quick-Draw iPhone System In Mind-Blowing Montage.

Hopefully this guys phone will really ring sometime soon. It’s pitiful to watch him fake answer it every time.


Oguri Shun & Yamada Yu have another wedding in Hawaii

Actor Oguri Shun and actress Yamada Yu, who registered their marriage back in March last year, held their wedding ceremony and reception party in Hawaii’s Lanai island.

The ceremony was held at Four Seasons Resort Hawaii, Lana’i at Manele Bay in a garden-wedding style. Though the couple has already held a wedding in Yamada’s hometown Okinawa in last October, they always wanted to hold another wedding in Hawaii where the memorable place for the couple as they visited there many times since they started dating in spring of 2008.

Rakugo-ka Shofukutei Tsurube and Kinashi Noritake (of comedian duo Tunnels) served as their guardians, and about 100 people including their families and close friends attended the wedding. Yamada wore a wedding designed by Ian Stuart, and Oguri wore a pink vest. Reportedly, it was the wedding full of laughter.

The couple sent the written message to the press, “In the beginning of the new year, we received a lot of congratulations from our great friends and seniors for our marriage. From here on, we would like to continue to face with our work sincerely while cherishing a family.”

In the end of the ceremony, Yamada said with a smile, “It was such a wonderful wedding ceremony. I am truly happy that many people congratulated us.”

Comedian Kimura Yuichi and Model Nishikata Ryo to Marry

Comedian Kimura Yuichi (48) and actress Nishikata Ryo (31) have decided on a marriage date. During a taping of the variety show “Oh! Doyagao Summit,” he revealed that they plan to register their marriage on May 8 of this year.

Kimura and Nishikata’s relationship was first discovered in 2009. The two met when Nishikata made her acting debut in “Nisesatsu,” Kimura’s first film as a director. Last November, it was reported that they got engaged.

Kimura said they chose the May 8 date because it fell between the marriage date of Kimura’s parents (May 6) and Nishikata’s parents (May 9).

This will be the 4th marriage for Kimura, whose last marriage was with talento Emiri Henmi between 2006 and 2008.

Comedian Kano Eikou proposes to Girlfriend Atsuko

Comedian Kano Eikou may soon be getting married. During a taping for a 3-hour special of “London Hearts” TV Asahi that will air next week, Kano publicly proposed to his girlfriend Atsuko.

Her response will be revealed during the “London Hearts” show’s broadcast at 7:00pm on October 4th.

Kano has been dating Atsuko since 5 years ago, even before Kano became a well-known celebrity. The two are currently living together. In April of this year, they had a little fight, and London Boots 1go 2go member Tamura Atsushi 37 helped them resolve the matter. At that time, Kano decided that Atsuko was the only one for him, so Tamura began helping him create a marriage proposal plan.

Kano carried out the plan during a taping at Makuhari Messe on September 14. Kano took the stage as 50TA the artist name he uses when singing on “London Hearts” and tearfully sang a love song that he wrote over the past 3 months. Atsuko, unaware of the plan, was in the guest seating among an audience of 5,000 people, and Kano finally proposed to her with a ring.

Comedian Tamura Atsushi has a new girlfriend – Yano Mikiko

Popular comedian Tamura Atsushi (37) of the duo London Boots 1go 2go has found a new girlfriend. According to Josei Seven, Tamura spent the night at the apartment of Non-no fashion model Yano Mikiko (24) earlier this month.

Josei Seven says that both of them were enjoying a meal at an izakaya in Tokyo with a group of about 30 people, including television staff members. After that, Tamura headed to Yano’s apartment and spent the night there, and they made sure to leave at different times the next morning.

Tamura’s agency, Yoshimoto Kogyo, has confirmed the relationship. A source close to the couple says that they got to know each other through work around the start of this year. Yano later appeared on the “London Hearts” television show in May. The magazine also reports that Yano was dating someone else initially, but Tamura’s aggressive approach won her over.

Tamura was previously dating singer Amuro Namie (33), but they broke up last summer. In May of last year, Yano was rumored to be dating JYJ member Jejung (25).

Kato Cha of The Drifters marries woman 45 years younger

Today’s issue of the tabloid Shukan Post reveals that talento Kato Cha (68) has remarried with a 23-year-old woman from the Hiroshima prefecture. The two tied the knot sometime in late June (according to some sources, June 23).

On Sunday, Kato was in Fukuoka to throw the opening pitch at a baseball game. The Sports Hochi newspaper interviewed him after that, and at the time Kato denied that he had married. When he returned by plane to Tokyo later that day, he found himself surrounded at Haneda Airport by reporters asking him about his new wife. He remained silent as he was escorted past the crowd by security guards. However, his agency later confirmed to the media that it had received notice from Kato about his marriage.

It appears that Kato’s wife currently works as a secretary but has some past modeling experience. The pair met about two years ago and started dating soon after that.

Kato, a member of the band The Drifters, first married in 1987 to a woman 18 years younger than him. A couple years later, they gave birth to a daughter who is now 20 years old. They divorced in 2003.

“Ocean’s Eleven” to be a musical in Japan

The all-female Takarazuka Revue held a press conference on Monday to announce the Star Troupe’s next big production: the world’s first musical based on the hit 2001 movie “Ocean’s Eleven.” Koike Shuichiro is directing and writing the musical, which features a top-notch cast led by Yuzuki Reon as the eponymous Danny Ocean.

“Ocean’s 11″ was originally a 1960 movie starring Frank Sinatra and other Rat Packers, in which Sinatra (as Danny Ocean) recruits a team of 11 men, including himself, in order to pull off an elaborate heist of multiple Las Vegas casinos. The 2001 remake starred George Clooney as Danny Ocean, with a supporting cast that included Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Julia Roberts. That film spawned two sequels, “Ocean’s Twelve” in 2004 and “Ocean’s Thirteen” in 2007.

The Takarazuka musical will use the same characters from Clooney’s “Ocean’s Eleven.” Besides Yuzuki Reon as Danny Ocean, the cast features Kurenai Yuzuru as Terry Benedict (originally played by Andy Garcia), Suzumi Shio as Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt), Yumeno Seika as Frank Catton (Bernie Mac), Makaze Suzuho as Linus Caldwell (Matt Damon), and Yumesaki Nene as Tess (Julia Roberts).

At the press conference, the Takarazuka Revue chairman Kobayashi Koichi revealed that the movie studio Warner Bros. proposed the “Ocean’s Eleven” musical, influenced by the Takarazuka Revue’s previous adaptation of the classic film “Casablanca.”

Performances of “Ocean’s Eleven” will begin at the Takarazuka Grand Theater in Hyogo from November 11 to December 13. That will be followed by a run at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater from January 2 to February 5, 2012.

“Hanawake no Yon-shimai” drama series to star Mizuki Alisa

Actress Mizuki Alisa (34) will star in a new TBS drama series this summer, making her the first person ever to have a lead role in a drama series for 20 consecutive years. Her part this time is in “Hanawake no Yon-shimai,” based on a manga by Saimon Fumi (“Tokyo Love Story,” “Asunaro Hakusho”).

Serialized from 2005 to 2008 in Kodansha’s magazine Morning, “Hanawake no Yon-shimai” is a comedy depicting the ups and downs of four sisters. Mizuki plays the second eldest Takemi, who has divorced twice and is a single mother of three children.

Kichise Michiko (36) plays the eldest sister Fujiko, an “unbeatable” fashion magazine editor. Kanjiya Shihori (25) plays the third sister Sakurako, an employee at a wig maker who is easily swayed by others and who is searching for her true self.Kawashima Umika (17) plays the youngest sister Ume, a 2nd-year theater student at an art college who has zero experience in love.

All four of the sisters are connected somehow to a freelance photographer, played by NEWS member Kato Shigeaki (23). The sisters’ parents are being played by Endo Kenichi (49) and Miyazaki Yoshiko (52).

“Hanawake no Yon-shimai” will air in TBS’s Sunday 9:00pm time slot (currently occupied by “JIN”). The series will premiere sometime in July.