AKB48 team members assaulted with saw

Two members of all-girl pop group AKB48 and a male staff member were wounded Sunday afternoon when a man wielding a saw assaulted them at an event in Iwate Prefecture, police said, adding they had arrested a 24-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder.

The group members were identified by the police and a local fire department as Rina Kawaei, 19, and Anna Iriyama, 18. They sustained cuts on their heads and right hands, while the male staffer sustained cuts on his left hand, the police said.

The arrested man, Satoru Umeta, is unemployed and from Towada in the neighboring prefecture of Aomori, the police said. He allegedly assaulted the victims with a saw, prompting an emergency call to the police that a man with a blade had been acting violently in an event hall.

Umeta has admitted to the allegations and was quoted as telling investigators, “I did it.”The victims were later transported to hospital.

Mejibray – 3 consecutive singles on their way out starting September 4th

MEJIBRAY’s first single “a priori” will hit stores in two weeks on Sept 4th. “Shuuei” will follow on October 2nd, and on November 6th another single titled “DECADANCE-Counting Goats…if I can’t be yours” will be out.

Track list for the singles:

Limited Edition Type A (2100 Yen)
01. a priori
02. -XV-
a priori PV
documentary from their live at Akasaka BLITZ on June 9th

Limited Edition Type B (1890 Yen)
01. a priori
02. -XV-
live scenes of their live at Akasaka BLITZ on June 9th

Regular Edition (1575 Yen)
01. a priori
02. -XV-

Limited Edition Type A (2100 Yen)
01. Shuuei
02. Gesshoku
Shuuei PV
documentary of their live at Akasaka BLITZ on June 9th

Limited Edition Type B (1890 Yen)
01. Shuuei
02. Gesshoku
live scene of their live at Akasaka BLITZ on June 9th

Regular Edition (1575 Yen)
01. Shuuei
02. Gesshoku
03. Shitto
DECADANCE – Counting Goats … if I can’t be yours –
Limited Edition Type A (2100 Yen)
01. DECADANCE – Counting Goats … if I can’t be yours –
02. Melancholia
DECADANCE – Counting Goats … if I can’t be yours – PV
documentary of their live at Akasaka BLITZ on June 9th

Limited Edition Type B (1890 Yen)
01. DECADANCE – Counting Goats … if I can’t be yours –
02. Melancholia
live scene of their live at Akasaka BLITZ on June 9th

Regular Edition (1575 Yen)
01. DECADANCE – Counting Goats … if I can’t be yours –
02. Melancholia
03. Sou to utsu to kyoukai

Southern All Stars to return after 5 years

Widely popular Japanese rock band Southern All Stars marked its 35th anniversary on Tuesday with an announcement that it will reunite after a five-year break.

In August, the five-member band will release a new single, its 54th, and kick off an outdoor concert tour.
Southern All Stars is one of the best-selling music groups in Japan and known for such blockbuster hits as “Itoshi no Ellie” (Ellie My Love) and “TSUNAMI.”

The band indefinitely suspended touring after a 30th anniversary concert in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, in August 2008.

BIGPAPA aka BIGMAMA’s Tour Finale

BIGMAMA, a five piece rock-pop band based in Tokyo Japan, just recently finished their tour throughout Japan to celebrate the release of their latest album 君想う、故に我在り. They are made up of a unique composition for Japan, with a violinist being a major component of the band. They are considered to be an emo-rock band here in Japan, though in my personal opinion they play very pop-like tunes, with beautiful melodies and a voice that accompanies it wonderfully. BIGMAMA consists of; Kanai Masato (vo/gt), Kakinuma Hiroya (gt/vo), Yasui Hideto (ba), Higashide Mao (vi/cho), and Ibe Riado (dr).

Although their tour finale was dated to be June 15th, there was a separate secret tour finale on the 16th to celebrate father’s day. On this particular day, the band appeared not as BIGMAMA but as BIGPAPA, for…well, father’s day. On this special day in which we honor our father’s, I was invited to go see this band play for the first time.


To be honest, I have had no previous experience with this band. Aside from a couple of drinks and a long intoxicated conversation with one of the members on a cold December night and a copy of their latest album, my knowledge of this band was far from lavish. Yet, I found myself sitting on the 3rd floor balcony overlooking the arena and stage surrounded by friends and business partners of the band.

My first show. I was quite excited about this show, to be honest. After getting lost on my way to the Tokyo Dome Hall, when I finally arrived at my destination, I was welcomed by the sight of a myriad of youths sporting black tshirts with the bands name printed across the chest. I had listened to their songs before hand, and I quite like the album, but I was not expecting to see so many people wearing the typical attire one would don in Japan for punk band shows (ie Dickies shorts with the band tshirt and sneakers…clothes that show support for the band while still being comfortable enough to participate in moshpits and crowd surfing).

As I sat on the third floor balcony in my comfortable plush seat, I had a clear view down in the arena where people moved about, resembling the image of a beehive split open for viewing with the worker bees clustered in the small space provided. To be honest, it is quite disgusting looking. Humans are odd creatures.

As the arena lights began to dim, the crowd cheered and I sat up straight in my seat with anticipation rolling through my nerves. Each member walked onto stage, bowing towards the crowd before picking up their instruments in their designated spots. The lights went black and in the next instant, there was a blast of music and bright colorful lights painting the insides of the Tokyo Dome Hall.

The band introduced themselves at BIGPAPA, a different band from BIGMAMA, who came together today to play this show. The audience laughed and went along with their little charade of being BIGPAPA. I did not recognize most of their songs, though they played an exceptional show with an amazing light performance. What intrigued me more though, was seeing the crowd’s reactions to these songs. How people would sit on top of shoulders, singing on the top of their lungs until the climax of the song when they would thrust their bodies back as a sea of hands would reach up to support them, carrying them towards the stage before they rolled down into a black hole. While this seems to be a common act at punk show concerts, it was an alien spectacle for me to see so many crowd surfers during these catchy pop tunes. I quite enjoyed this gap of music and action.

In the middle of the show, the vocalist asked the crowd if it was anyone’s birthday. Hands shot up in the crowd and a path opened up like the red sea to lead the individuals up front.

“Staff, please detain these individuals!” Kanai said. Once everyone had been taken backstage, poppers were passed around. Soon, the birthday boys and girls were led up on stage where they lined up next to the band as the band began playing their birthday song. Higashide, closest to the group, made sure to smile and interact with them as she played the violin, sending girls into fits of tears and spreading grins across everyone’s face. At the peak of the song, an explosion went off as gold confetti streamers rained down into the arena. I quite liked this “tradition” that the band had, allowing their listeners to feel special on the day they were born. It was very different from many of the other bands I have seen.

The show ended before satisfaction broke surface, and the crowd attempted to start a slow clap in the dark. The slow clap would speed up quickly before dispersing into a million jumbled claps. Sitting above the crowd, it sounded like I was at the ocean, the waves crashing down onto shore. Soon the stage lit up as Kanai walked out onto stage. He spoke about his thanks for the fans and asked if he could play in the crowd. A cheer mixed with hysteric screams erupted and with that, he disappeared off the stage, reappearing in the midst of the crowd. He serenaded an acoustic ballad to all the fathers; thanking them for the support and unconditional love they provide their children. After the song, he returned to the stage through an arch the crowd created for him with their arms. A couple more songs were played before they waved their goodbyes, once again, disappearing off the stage.

Photo Jun 16, 8 18 59 PM[the view from the 3rd floor]

The crowd was still not satisfied as the ocean clapping began once again. Soon enough, they were rewarded for their long bouts of clapping as the band returned onto stage to make a couple of announcements. The re-release of their first three albums and a new single.

“And with the release of our new single,” Kanai teased the crowd. “We will also be playing at Akasaka BLITZ for three days in November to commemorate this release!” there was an outburst of cheers from the crowd. A few more words were exchanged before the band sprinted through the last 100 meters of their tour.


It was my first BIGMAMA show, and what can I say? I was not disappointed. They played songs I knew, some I recognized, and many songs I didn’t know, yet I was still able to enjoy the whole performance. The atmosphere within this large space, it was just so electrifying.

After the show, I had the chance to go to the after party in which I was able to talk to the rest of the members who were very welcoming and humble. Happy announcements were made and many smiles and laughers were exchanged.

Photo Jun 17, 3 01 33 AM[My guest pass with Takinuma’s pick and Kanai’s essay book. Thank you for the gifts!]

Thank you, BIGMAMA, for providing me the opportunity to attend your show. It was spectacular and I would definitely recommend people listen to their music, and if you like it, go to their show. You will not be disappointed.



HP http://bigmama-web.com/index.html

Twitter https://twitter.com/BIGMAMAofficial



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One Ok Rock Asia Tour Dates

Rock band One Ok Rock, announced two weeks ago the band’s first European tour and after all of the shows were sold out they added more dates to their schedule. Now also Asian fans will get the chance to see the band live!

Shortly after yesterday’s announcement the band revealed their plans for an Asia Tour starting in November and going through December. Asian Tour Dates:

November 08: Hong Kong @AWE Hall 8

November 10: Seoul, Korea @UNIQLO AX

November 19: Bangkok, Thailand @Central World Live Arena

November 21: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia @KL LIVE

November 23: Singapore @Hard Rock Coliseum

November 24: Jakarta, Indonesia @Skeeno Hall, Gandaria

December 07: Taipei, Taiwan @Xinzhuang Gymnasium New Taipei City

PLASTICZOOMS Release “Fritillaria Camtschatcensis -Three”

PLASTICZOOMS have announced the release of a third installment of "Fritillaria Camtschatcensis" an experimental project of frontman Sho Asakawa, It’s titled "Three", and themed as "Sleepy in the Deep Sea". This release will hit stores on July 2nd, 2013. It contains a 30 page book by Nao Takeda and three songs on CD that have not been announced.

Fritillaria Camtschatcensis, "One" was released in late 2012 and sold out immediately. There were two songs on CD, "talk" and "Ga.Su" on DVD, "Botanical Garden" and "End".

Fritillaria Camtschatcensis, "Two" was released March 30th, 2013 which contained a CD with songs "Gloom" and "ONE EYE" on DVD, "Flow" and "Aquarium".

To describe PLASTICZOOMS style of music is difficult to put into one catagory. They are goth, experimental, noise, an alternative type of band.

The Members are:
Keyboards and Guitar: SHINPEI MORISHIGE
Guitar and Synthesizer: TAIYO IKEDA

CM for Fritillaria Camtschatcensis “Three”…


Signal Announces Their Disbandment

Visual Kei band Signal has announced to disband in September.

In April the band’s drummer Raychel announced his departure from the band after their live at Ikebukuro EDGE on June 28th. The members have decided they don’t want to continue as Signal if it’s not the five of them.

Their final show will be on September 14th at Meguro Live Station – the same place they had held their very first live.

They are very sorry for such a sudden announcement and apologize for not being able to keep their promise to continue making music as Signal.

Raychel didn’t comment on the disbanding yet but check out the other comments below:


We’ve just announced that Signal will disband after the live on September 14th.

I wanted to see a wider scenery and I wanted to take you along. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it come true.

We have been really selfish but even in the end we betrayed the people who supported us and make them sad. I’m really really sorry for that.

This is something we’ve decided by ourselves but I really didn’t sort my feelings yet.

I love all the fans that are supporting our band Signal. I’m really proud of that and that will never change. And because of that this result makes my heart hurt.

The remaining time is limited but during that time we will give our very best. I want to look back and be proud of being able to have an effect on your feelings until the very end.

There’s a lot more I want to say but I didn’t sort my words yet, sorry.


This should have been a weekday like every day but due to our announcement this morning we made you upset. I’m really sorry.

On September 14th Signal will disband.

We’ve betrayed you so often and even in the end… . I’m really sorry.

We’ve discussed this so many times and it’s really hard that we came to the result that “disbanding” is the answer.

Because we love Signal.

There are a lot of our fans who said that their wounds won’t heal after we’ve announced Raychel’s departure. My heart hurts.

In 3 months Signal will end.

As of that moment Signal will be only a memory and CDs for us and everyone else.

But until the remaining live span ends we want to create as much memories and leave as much traces as we can. Together with everyone. As the band “Signal” we want to leave as much traces in you as we can.

The final stage is Meguru Live Station. It’s the memorable live house we’ve held our very first live as Signal two years ago. As Singal’s SHION, as bassist, I will make noise and let you hear my voice and blow with my fist in the air with all of our fans at the live until the very end. I want to think back to this time.

I don’t like those serious words but in the remaining time we want to show our loyalty to all of you.

Sorry for not being able to write a proper entry.


I’m sorry for that really sudden announcement.

It’s really hard, also for us, and we can’t change that.

Signal was my reason to live. An important thing.

It was my life.

It’s so hard that it won’t be there anymore. And I’m scared.

But it’s the result we came to all together after thinking about it.

All we can do is to look ahead and move forward.

Until the very last day.


I’m really sorry for such a sudden announcement that makes us betray our fans.

The shape breaks and the thing that should live will surely die.

Sooner or later the end comes.

But… We will disband and that’s really hard. Even if it’s something we’ve decided by ourselves.

To not fall… to not break… We have to act happy but as soon as I’m not with the members I start to think of many things.

For me there’s no band that can replace Signal.

And so it’s really hard. To be honest, I still can’t believe it. I’m selfish.

Andit must be hard for you, too. It’s irresponsible.

But I want you to believe just that: Even though we disband Signal won’t die at the core. I will keep the love you all gave us and the time and memories in my heart and it will last for a lifetime.

Which way I’ll ever go after the disbanding, I promise you to live with my heartbeat made out of the experiences I’ve gained while playing for Signal. And I hope that you will keep us in our hearts as well.

There are only a few lives left but I hope for more power than we had until now, so please stay with us until the very and.

Let’s create a living “evidence”!

Meguru Live Station on September 14th. It’s the first stage on that we were standing as Signal. Close the curtain in this memorable live house together with us!

Awoi Announces New CD coming this Autumn

Awoi announced at their one-man live tour "Zetsubou no taiyou" final that their new CD will be released this Autumn!

This CD comes after their single "Zetsubou no Taiyou" which was released on April 3rd. You can check out the video for it below.

No other news yet on the CD.