Royz New Album “Tears” and a New Live DVD

Visual Kei band Royz announced the track list of their new album “Tears” and a brand spanking new live DVD!

“Tears” will issue forth awesomeness on February 27th and comes in three versions.

Royz has also uploaded the PV preview for “Tear drop” and here it is:

01.Tear drop
02.Starry HEAVEN
11.koihanabi-Re Arrange-
12.Aerial cord (Regular Edition TYPE C)

X-Japan’s Yoshiki Records Golden Globe Awards Theme Song

The latest Golden Globe Awards theme song will hit iTunes for the first time this year. To mark the event’s 70th anniversary, Japanese star and classically-trained multi-instrumentalist Yoshiki composed and recorded a song that will open the show and appear throughout the Jan. 13 broadcast.

Yoshiki, who’s also in the hit rock group X-Japan, played many of the instruments himself before adding a full string orchestra to the piece. He said he tried to come up with something beautiful, but also edgy and festive for the occasion.

“It’s such an honor to be a part of this esteemed event which is enjoyed by hundreds of millions around the world,” said Yoshiki. “Composing this music was a journey that involved creating numerous versions in order to arrive at just the right sound to capture the unique combination of glamour and edginess that makes the Golden Globe Awards so entertaining.”

On Jan. 15, the theme song will be available on iTunes, with all profits going to charity.

Moran announces coming album “jen:ga” and a national tour “Tower of Jenga”

Visual Kei band Moran announced the release of their very first full album back in September and only now have they revealed more information…the album is titled “jen:ga”. It will come out in two versions:

Limited Edition (3675 Yen)


1. Barairo No Jigoku

2. Benisashi

3. L’Oiseau bleu

4. Bulbs

5. Melancholia

6. Wing or Tail

7. ReCover

8. Maybe Lucy in the ky

9. Eclipse

10. Aru sakushi to no yuugiroku

11. Fuyuubyou


Barairo no Jigoku PV

Regular Edition (3150 Yen)

1. Barairo No Jigoku

2. Benisashi

3. L’Oiseau bleu

4. Bulbs

5. Melancholia

6. Yukouchuu

7. Wing or Tail

8. ReCover

9. Maybe Lucy in the ky

10. Eclipse

11. Aru sakushi to no yuugiroku

12. Fuyuubyou

13. Last piece of the jen:ga

The new Barairo No Jigoku PV preview is awesome:

Helpless PV:

The band announced several instore events and a new national tour titled “Tower of Jenga”. They will perform in 5 different cities.