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IAEA calls for strengthened efforts from Japan to increase radiation exposure awareness

A team from the International Atomic Energy Agency said Monday the Japanese government should communicate well to the public that the country’s goal to reduce annual individual radiation exposure to 1 millisievert in areas contaminated by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear crisis cannot be achieved in a short time. “The government should strengthen its efforts to […]


Japan Recommending Meiji era Industrial Revolution Sites for World Heritage Sites

The Japanese government plans to recommend that a group of 28 sites related to the country’s industrial revolution in the Meiji era be included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, informed sources said Saturday. The 28 sites, located in eight prefectures mainly in the Kyushu southwestern Japan region, include coal mines, steelworks, shipyards and other […]


Japan’s new emergency disaster warning system provided more detail on imminent disaster

The Japan Meteorological Agency launched a special emergency warning system on Friday that provides more information than existing warnings and advisories of imminent disaster risks. When issuing the heightened warnings, the agency will warn residents in areas that are forecast to be affected to evacuate or take protective measures immediately. The agency developed the system […]


Starting in September Street Solicitation is Banned in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward

Shinjuku Ward in Tokyo, home to one of the country’s largest nightlife districts, is set to ban any kind of soliciting in the street not only for sex clubs but also karaoke parlors, pubs and bars from September. The move comes in the wake of growing incidents involving trouble with touts in the ward, particularly […]


August is Ghost Month! The Scariest Places to Visit in Japan

In Eastern countries such as China and Japan, the month of August is one to celebrate. The “Hungry Ghost Festival” is known all around the world which is celebrated on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month. In celebration of ghosts, here are the most haunted places to visit in Japan. 1. Amidaji (Temple […]


Project Phoenix Kickstarter: A Japanese Role Playing Game Set to Change the Future of Gaming

Project Phoenix announced earlier this week of their plans to set up a Kickstarter, a Japanese role-playing game (JRPG). The big difference with this project is that it’ll be combined with Real Time Strategy (RTS). The future of gaming is set to be changed with the founder of Creative Intelligence Arts, Hiroaki Yura in the […]

there is an expression in Japanese, `ato no matsuri`(after the festival)...but what happens before the festival?

Before the Festival

there is an expression in Japanese, `ato no matsuri`(after the festival)…but what happens before the festival? Scene 1 This year I wanted to get to the summer festival early. I recently found out that the festival is a time when the gods are let out to play and that is why they are paraded about […]