Genki Japan has some hilarious and fun songs to help you learn Japanese has some hilarious and fun videos, games, and songs to help you learn Japanese. Warning: The songs do get stuck in your head! Ikura, Ikura, Ikura desu ka?

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Yosui Inoue

Yosui Inoue (井上陽水)

Yōsui Inoue (井上陽水 Inoue Yōsui?) (born August 30, 1948 ) is an influential Japanese singer-songwriter, and record producer, who is an important figure in Japanese music. As a recording artist, Inoue has had a commercially successful career, having sold more than 20 million records. He began performing in 1969.

The Nenmatsu Jumbo

Nenmatsu Jumbo Lottery Ticket
Nenmatsu Jumbo Lottery Ticket

The Nenmatsu Jumbo or the end of the year Lottery was held today. It has to be the largest lottery in Japan. The grand prize is ¥200,000,000 ($2 million USD). Good luck to all that entered!

We just thought the tickets were cool and wanted to share. It beats any lottery ticket we’ve seen esthetically.

We did a little better than breaking even this year by getting a lucky $100 ticket ending in 254.

If you won something let us know! Add your winnings and numbers in the comments below.

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas from!

Today we celebrated Christmas in Japan with the traditional Christmas Cake!

It is a layered sponge cake covered with icing and real strawberries. It’s packed full of strawberries, too!

It also went well with the champagne!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Attached are some photos of the cake and a few other images we thought might get you in the Tokyo Christmas Spirit!

Candy bags and Santa Boots are popular here in Japan. Once you eat all the candy in one of the boots, it’s supposed to be good luck, if you can dance around in them afterwards! Or so we were told…

BlowFish Fins A Floating

I’m a sucker for any gimmick, so I tried the Fuguhire sake. This means hot sake with flame broiled blowfish fins floating in it. And well as I’m not a fan of hot sake, I prefer cold and if anything floating in it maybe a slice of cucmber, I was a little surprised by the taste. At first it tasted the same as regular ole hot sake, but as I got closer to the bottom it got a little more and more fishier. The last drop was a little too fishy.

Now I have heard that some take their blowfish fins home for further soaking , but for me I think I’ll stick with the old cold sake and a cucumber slice routine.

Fuguhire Sake

Fuguhire Sake

Fuguhire Sake


Energy Efficiency

blue_goals_spotMany people know that CFLs (those wonderful new light bulbs) use only one fourth as much electricity as incandescent light bulbs, but did you know other household appliances have a similar range of efficiencies?

Among industrial countries, Japan’s Top Runner Program is the most dynamic system for upgrading appliance efficiency standards. In Japan’s system, the most efficient appliances today set the standard for those sold tomorrow. With this program Japan planned to raise efficiency standards between the late 1990s and the end of 2007 for individual appliances by anywhere from 15 to 83 percent, depending on the appliance. This is an ongoing process that continually exploits advances in efficiency technologies.

excerpts taken from Plan B 3.0 by Lester R. Brown