Disaster Japan: Survivors speak of desperation and panic

Survivors of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami huddled in shelters and hoarded supplies on Saturday as rescue workers searched a mangled coastline of submerged homes, cars and stranded boats.

Aerial footage showed buildings and trains strewn like children’s toys after powerful walls of seawater swamped areas around the worst-hit city of Sendai, about 130 km (80 miles) from the earthquake’s epicenter.

"Everything is so hard now," said Kumi Onodera, a 34-year-old dental technician in Sendai, a port of 1 million people known as the "City of Trees" and cradled by dormant volcanoes.

Onodera said her ordeal the night before was "like a scene from a disaster movie."

"The road was moving up and down like a wave. Things were on fire and it was snowing," she said. "You really come to appreciate what you have in your everyday life."

Adding to the panic, radiation leaked from an unstable nuclear reactor in Fukushima prefecture, near Sendai.

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