Japan Demolishes Narita Anti-Airport Protest Relics

Two huts that stood for more than four decades on land earmarked for an international airport, bearing testimony to bloody protests against Japan’s rapid modernisation, were pulled down on Wednesday.

The structures are a legacy of violent demonstrations that left police officers dead as homemade bombs were tossed by leftist students, activists and farmers who said they were the victims of a land grab at what became Narita Airport.

Dozens of huts were built in a bid to halt the construction of the huge facility in a rural spot around 50 kilometres (30 miles) outside Tokyo.

Some of them remained and the airport was built around them, leaving one of the taxiways bent.

The demolition of two huts was given the green light by Tokyo High Court in April after it ruled in favour of a landowner who asked for the return of a family plot.


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