Japan Radiation Fears Cloud Outlook for Economic Recovery and Exports

Workers at Nissan, armed with radiation detectors, are visiting ports in Japan testing some of the company’s cars waiting to be shipped overseas. So far, no problems have been found, a spokesman said, but the company wants to be sure.

“Should any radioactive material adhere to our cars, we’ll take the necessary precautions to make sure that the material is not transferred to our customers,” David Reuter, vice president for corporate communications for Nissan in the United States, said Wednesday.

Add fears of radiation to the long list of troubles threatening Japan’s export-led economy.

As Japan struggles to contain radiation leaking from crippled nuclear reactors, many countries, including China, Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand have already started to test food imported from Japan for radiation, and the European Union has recommended that its member countries do so. There have been no reports so far of any detected radioactive contamination.

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