Maki Kashimada and Mizuki Tsujimura honored with Akutagawa and Naoki prizes

Maki Kashimada has won the 147th Akutagawa Prize for up-and-coming authors of serious fiction for her work "Meido Meguri," while the 147th Naoki Prize, mainly for midlevel popular fiction writers, has gone to Mizuki Tsujimura for "Kagi no Nai Yume o Miru," the awards’ selection committees have announced.

The title of Kashimada’s work translates literally as "Touring the land of the dead," while Tsujimura’s title translates as "Having a dream without a key."

Tokyo native Kashimada, 35, began her career as a professional writer in 1998 while a student at Shirayuri College, winning Kawade Shobo Shinsha’s Bungei Prize for "Nihiki" (Two animals).

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