Otsuchi: Quake-hit Japanese City May Not be a Survivor

You can see the survivors making the choice as they walk through the debris-strewn main street of Otsuchi in Japan — stay or go?

Some ramble as they walk, as if in a daze, trying to comprehend the present and match it with an uncertain future. Others look like tourists, coolly trying to place a cousin’s house or a grandmother’s garden.

But the dilemma is the same for them all: do you stay and rebuild in a devastated small town, struggling economically even before the tsunami, or pull up stakes and start anew in a big city?

Twenty-one-year-old Ayano Okuba doesn’t hesitate with her answer. "Even though I like Otsuchi, I can’t come back here." The tsunami flattened Okuba’s childhood home and killed the matriarch of her family, her grandmother.

Read the rest of the story: Quake-hit Japanese city in danger of dying.

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