Water injected into yet another Fukushima reactor

Authorities scrambled Sunday to control an overheating reactor at the problem-prone Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant by injecting seawater and venting gas to reduce the pressure inside.

While acknowledging that the core of the plant’s No. 3 reactor may have overheated and deformed, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano denied it led to a meltdown of the critical fuel rods.

At a news conference, Edano said that "a very small amount" of radioactive substances had leaked from the No. 3 reactor, dismissing concerns it posed a threat to human health.

The government’s top spokesman warned, however, that a hydrogen explosion similar to the one that blew up a building housing a separate reactor at the facility Saturday could occur again at this reactor.

Large amounts of hydrogen formed when the water injection procedure temporarily ran into trouble and may have filled the upper part of the building housing the No. 3 reactor, Edano said.

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