Ways to help Japan after massive earthquake

The globe was rocked by the news March 11, as an 8.9 earthquake in Japan caused widespread destruction and set off a 23-foot Pacific tsunami. This has been called the fifth largest earthquake in recorded history.

More than 50 aftershocks were recorded, along with a second earthquake that measured 6.7. Hundreds were killed or injured, with many thousands reported missing.

Videos of the earthquake in Japan have been circulated online.

As the tsunami approached Hawaii and America’s West Coast, U.S. President Barack Obama offered a public statement from The White House.

"This morning I spoke with Prime Minister Kan," President Obama said. "On behalf of the American people, I conveyed our deepest condolences, especially to the victims and their families, and I offered our Japanese friends whatever assistance is needed."

How can Americans help the victims of the earthquake in Japan?

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