New in Japan: ‘Pepsi Special’ Cola Claims to Block Fat

Who wants some yummy fibre-infused “fat blocking” soda?

PepsiCo is hoping that Japanese people do. They launched their new “Pepsi Special” in Japan today, along with claims that the drink will block the absorption of fat, reports ABC.

The soda contains dextrin, a type of fibre sold in Canada in supplement form as Benefibre. According to The Atlantic, dextrin absorbs water as it moves through your digestive system, basically moving food through your system more expediently. PepsiCo is claiming that adding dextrin to Pepsi Special makes it a “fat blocking soda.”

This claim is based on a study conducted in 2006 which found that rats who ate dextrin absorbed less of the fat in the food that they ate, reports The Atlantic.

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