Japan’s All Nippon Airways first airline to offer draft beer

Japan’s All Nippon Airways announced it Friday it will become the first airline in the world to offer draft beer in-flight beginning Tuesday.

The airline said the draft beer will cost about $11.30 per glass and 20 cups will be available on each domestic flight, except Tokyo to Okinawa flights, which will have 40 glasses, the Japan Probe reported Friday.

Officials said the beer will be served using keg technology designed to compensate for air pressure problems that previously made draft beer problematic on flights.

The kegs are going to be installed and running on domestic flights — mostly to and from the island chain of Okinawa — from July 20.

At ¥800-1,000, the prices are comparable to what you’d expect in most Tokyo bars. According to Japan Probe, the service has previously been problematic to install due to air pressure issues. Nevertheless, only 20 cups worth will be available on all but the Tokyo-Okinawa service, so get your orders in shortly after take-off!

Beer service routes from July 20:

Tokyo Haneda – Fukuoka (after 1700LT)
Tokyo Haneda – Sapporo Chitose (after 1700LT)
Tokyo Haneda – Okinawa
Osaka Itami – Okinawa
Osaka Kansai – Okinawa
Nagoya – Okinawa
Fukuoka – Okinawa

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