Salty Watermelon Flavored Soda Unveiled by Pepsi in Japan

Pepsi Japan is set to unveil a new “salty watermelon” flavored soda that might sound a little unappetizing to U.S. consumers. But Short List reports that the unique mix of flavors actually makes perfect sense in Japan, where adding a dash of salt to watermelon “to bring out the taste” is common practice.

Not to be outdone, Coca-Cola also has strange soda offerings in Japan, where you can buy a clear and flavorless soda known as “The Wellness,” which is targeted to health-conscious women.And our shock at the worlds strange soda offerings must be tempered by one of our own nations proud concoctions, the Bacon Shake.

Read the rest of the story: a Pepsi offering ‘salty watermelon’ flavored soda in Japan.

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