iKnow – The social learning platform. Great for Japanese!

So you want to learn Japanese and you’ve bought books and you’ve bought tapes, but nothing to get you motivated. You’ve started and stopped so many times. Every time you’ve had to go back and review and start from scratch just to get frustrated and quit again. You haven’t been keeping up with your progress and you have no idea of what you have learned. You don’t know what to learn first or really how to do it on your own. You need help. You need something to keep you motivated and challenged. You want to ask questions and get answers back. You want it all for free! Ok that’s enough build up – enter iKnow. A great website filled with people, web applications, games and programs for helping you to learn any language. Japanese on this site is great. It’s fun, and it does more for you than keep track of your progress. It gives you that extra bit of interaction with great graphics and something that only friendly competition can bestow.

It’s an amazing site and in less than 6 months its really grown into something with over 350,000 users so far. There are more and more users added every day so go find a partner and get the help you need to get back to studying and kicking nihongo butt.

Start with the list below or try a harder one. You can even go all out and make you own lists and submit them to the site for others.


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