Japan’s Government Orders Compensation for Nuclear Plant Evacuees

Japans government ordered the operator of a tsunami-damaged nuclear plant leaking radiation to pay $12,000 to each household forced to evacuate from the area, but some of the displaced said Friday the handout was not enough.Tens of thousands of residents unable to return to their homes near the nuclear plant are bereft of their livelihoods and possessions, unsure of when, if ever, they will be able to return home. Some have traveled hundreds of kilometers miles to Tokyo Electric Power Co.s headquarters in Tokyo to press their demands for compensation.Hiroaki Wada, a Trade Ministry spokesman, said Friday that TEPCO will pay compensation as soon as possible, with families forced to evacuate getting 1 million yen about $12,000 and individuals getting 750,000 yen about $9,000. Payments are due to begin on April 28.

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