Lives in limbo as Japan struggles to rebuild

Sakari Minato has fixed up his house just enough for his family to move back in. The walls still have holes, the windows are temporarily sealed. You can still see the water marks on the outside of the home left by the March 11 tsunami that roared into this northeastern coastal fishing town at the speed of a freight train and bulldozed everything in its path.

Minato doesnt know whether to spend the $100,000 needed to completely restore the house or move the family to higher ground away from the ocean. He still doesnt know whether the government will declare his part of town by the coast an uninhabitable tsunami zone.

Five months after Japans worst disaster in generations left more than 20,000 dead or missing, entire communities along the countrys northeastern coast face a similar dilemma. They have cleaned up much of the rubble and mud, fixed up roads and restored power. Tokyo and local governments, however, have yet to come up with detailed plans and money needed to start the actual rebuilding.

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