Mutilated Animal Corpses Left on Streets of Kure

Police in Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, have received a series of reports of animals being dismembered and left in public places.

Police say that incidents had been reported in which cats had been killed and dismembered. Police also say there have now been three reported incidents in which pigeons’ heads were removed and their bodies left near sidewalks and other public places to be found by passersby, Fuji TV reported Thursday.

Since March of last year, 16 cats have been found killed and dismembered. Local residents were quoted as saying they are frightened and don’t now what to expect next.

Police say the locations and timing of the recent incidents involving pigeons are different to those of last year involving cats. As such, they believe the latest incidents may have been committed by a different individual copying the modus operandi of the original perpetrator.

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