Tsunami Artifacts Prove Popular

A 100-meter-long freighter sitting on a pier, a crumbled seawall once dubbed the Great Wall, and the sole surviving pine tree out of 70,000 are some of the remnants of the March tsunami in Iwate Prefecture drawing visitors this summer vacation season.

"I wanted to let my kid know the dangers of tsunami," said Seiko Obara, a 48-year-old company employee from Tokyo who came to see the 4,724-ton Asian Symphony on the pier in Kamaishi with his 9-year-old son, Taichi, during their visit to his parents’ home in Hanamaki, also in Iwate.

"I think reconstruction will continue until the time of our children’s generation. So I want him to remember (the harm) by actually seeing it with his own eyes," Obara said.

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