Japan: A nation that demands perfection in food

Japan is a country of beauty, simplicity and perfection.

From the snow-capped Mount Fujiyama to the vibrant emerald green rice and tea plantations of Fukuoka, Japan is rich with colour.

Last month, I had the chance to explore Japan’s vibrant culinary and cultural heritage.

Tokyo, with its population of nearly 13 million, amazed me with the punctuality of its rail system.

I was also impressed by Japan’s distinctive style, design and architecture as well as the cornucopia of restaurant offerings.

Tokyo now surpasses Paris in Michelin-starred restaurants, and its citizens are certainly fanatical about food.

Go to any of their department store food floors and you’ll experience some of the world’s best foods, so good they would make even England’s famed Harrods blush.

The Japanese are demanding about quality and freshness, and it was impressive to wander down their food aisles, marvelling at the beautiful produce and stunning packaging.

Even the simplest of izakayas (Japanese pubs) where I dined had superb cuisine that showcased regional and seasonal cooking at its best.

Although Japan is a tiny country compared with Canada, it has wonderful regional cuisine.

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