No More Nuke Plants Means Wind Is Japan’s Strongest Alternative

Two months after the explosions and radiation leaks at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, the prime minister, Naoto Kan, has announced that the country will not build any new reactors.

If Kan really means it, the government will have to abandon the plans for expanding nuclear power it adopted only last year. To make up the energy shortfall, Kan has set the ambitious goal of using renewables.

That is most likely to mean wind, according to a report released last month by the Ministry of the Environment. There is "an extremely large introduction potential of wind power generation", it says, especially in the tsunami-hit north-east of the country.

Read the rest of the story: Wind is Japan’s strongest alternative to nuclear.

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  1. It’s is a tragedy that it has taken a terrible natural disaster to change the Japanese government’s attitude to nuclear power.  Here in Madeira, we are pleased to say, there are no nuclear power stations.  Our island has an increasing number of wind turbines.  In addition, particularly in Funchal our main city, there are many private homes that have solar panel on their roof.

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