Samsung unveils Flexible WVGA OLED Panel

Samsung Mobile Display Co Ltd (SMD) developed a 4.5-inch OLED panel that can be bent with a curvature radius of 10mm and exhibited it at FPD International 2010/Green Device 2010.

The most distinctive feature of the panel is its pixel count of 800 x 480 (WVGA), which is equivalent to that of a panel used for existing smart phones and mobile phones. SMD’s existing OLED panel has a size of 6.5 inches and a pixel count of 480 x 272 (See related article).

The new display is 240μm thick. Low-temperature polysilicon TFTs were formed on a polyimide substrate. The structure of its organic EL element is the top-emission type, which extracts light in the direction opposite to the TFT substrate.

via [FPDI/GD] Samsung Exhibits Flexible WVGA OLED Panel.

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