Tesla takes EV to Sexy and opens Tokyo showroom, its first in Asia

Tesla, the Palo Alto, Calif., maker of electric sports cars and new pal of Toyota, opened a showroom in Tokyo this week. It’s Tesla’s first dealership in Asia.

Tesla picked a posh area of the city befitting the sticker price for its sole current product: The two-seater that starts at $101,500 in the U.S. is about 50% more in Japan. The country has hefty incentives for electrics that would make a Tesla cheaper, if not cheap. EVs are tax-free and eligible for government cash back that can equal 25% of the price, which on a Tesla would come to about 3.2 million yen ($40,000).

Among Tesla’s Japanese connections: Toyota recently invested $50 million in Tesla stock and signed a $60 million deal for Tesla’s help developing an all-electric Rav4 crossover. Tesla also gets its batteries from Panasonic.

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