Planet Earth is blue and there is something you can do

blue_goals_spotHere’s a short list of things you can do to live a greenier life and reduce your CO2 footprint.

  1. If you don’t have allergies try to hang your clothes outside on a line.  And if that is for some reason banned in your community you can get help here…Project Laundry List’s-Stop the Ban!
  2. Use CFL’s, compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  3. Adjust your AC.  Try a setting 10 degrees cooler than the day’s high temperature.  You’ll save 3 percent on your energy costs for every degree raised over 72 degrees. Or raise the temperature and use a fan to save even more.  
  4. Draw the blinds and curtains during the sunniest and warmest times of day. 
  5. Cut back on single-serving foods and beverages.  Buy items in bulk and portion them out into reusable containers.
  6. Buy concentrated household items, like detergent and cleaning supplies, so you get more product per package.
  7. Look for packing made from recycled materials.  The higher the percentage of recycled content the better.
  8. Plug your entertainment electronics and more into power strips so you can cut their power drain in standby mode. Miscellaneous appliances are just as guilty of pumping out greenhouse carbon dioxide when not in use.  So plugging them into a strip that you can cut off will save you money on your electric bill while and prevent the CO2 from being added to the atomosphere.
  9. If you water your lawn, set the sprinkler to a setting that gives off large drops low and close to the ground.  Water early in the morning, which will ensure the water soaks into the soil instead of evaporating.  Position the sprinkler so that all water falls on the lawn and not the sidewalk or driveway.
  10. Stop charging your cell phone overnight. The longer a battery is charging, the longer it’s exposed to heat, which can wear it down. Most cell phone batteries fully charge in under two hours, so as soon as all bars have been restored, unplug your phone. And while you’re at it, unplug the charger, which constantly drains power even when it’s not juicing up your phone.

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