Green technology is the new corporate gold

There was a time when going green and doing business simply did not mix.

At best, the term “green business” was perceived as a corporate social responsibility slogan that had little to do with profitability.

Not anymore.

In addition to pressure for generating profit amid the prolonged recession, many companies face the specter of meeting stringent targets for emissions cuts. Thus, “green” and “business” have become inseparable.

The players in this regard were long limited to trading houses or utilities. Now companies ranging from a restaurant chain to a construction company and even small and mid-size companies have thrown their hats into the ring.

The Hokkaido factory of Aleph Inc., which operates the Bikkuri Donkey family restaurant chain, is one of those at the forefront of this new era.

The company’s facility is in Eniwa, south of Sapporo. Aside from processing food to be served at the restaurants, the plant now generates profits through the development and sales of emissions-reduction technology.

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