Honda’s New Sporty and Hybrid CR-Z

The new affordable, sporty hybrid Honda CR-Z is all set to go on sale in Japan.

CR-Z is short for “Compact Renaissance Zero”…and your guess is as good as mine on the name, but Honda is aiming the car at the younger generation, who want to go for a “green” car with a bit of flair and oomph. So what’s in a name? The car will go on sale in Japan today and in the United States and Europe by midyear.

Honda Motor Co. announced on Thursday that “the Japanese price would be 2.268 million yen ($25,300) for the basic model and 2.498 million yen ($27,900) for the top-end model”.

The company claims that the CR-Z gets 25 kilometers per liter (58.8 miles per gallon).

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