Japanese Vending Machines, The Big Energy Hogs

Vending machines operate 24 hours and they require to be hooked all time to the electric grid.  This permanent energy consumption in massive scale sums up to 6,800 GigaWatts/h a year, 6,800,000,000 KWh.

How much is 6,800 GigaWatts that?

6,800 GWh is enough power to provide 5.4 million average Japanese households with enough electricity for 1 year.  This translated into individual consumption would be the equivalent to every person in Japan using a 500Watt hair dryer for 10 mins every single day of the year.

If we looked at this in terms of electric energy generation, all the vending machines in Japan in one year would require a 4.5  month dedicated production from a nuclear power plant similar to Fukushima.

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