Let’s get Obama to Pledge Really Green Public Works

blue_goals_spotWith the new pledges in Public Works that Obama is making there are no new ideas. Converting government buildings to green buildings is a step in the right direction to saving energy, but it’s not a new idea. Maintenance of roads and interstates are not going to solve any global warming issues. It’s just more of the same. We need to invest in real infrastructure change. A large scale project such as commuter Bullet Trains that connect each major city would have the biggest impact on helping to curb emissions and protecting the environment. It would also set up central hubs that smaller state projects could tie into and that opens the door to suburban commuter trains, which could truly lessen our dependence on oil and help us be free of more cars. In Japan, automakers are seeing a decline in automobile sales due to the fact that the younger generation is not buying cars! It’s no wonder, if you go to any major city in Japan, you will see a great mass transit system. And better than that there are bullet trains connecting all parts of the country and major cities. Why not invest in this instead of bailing out so many failing automakers in America? Better, instead of a bail-out give these failing automakers the contracts to build the trains and create this infrastructure, while modernizing their industry. Or give it to the failing airline industry and lets start taking domestic trains instead of domestic planes.

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