NEC Develops Biomass Plastic BLAH BLAH better than PLA

NEC Corp developed a biomass plastic whose mass ratio of plant-derived materials (plant ratio) is as high as 70%.

The properties of the new biomass plastic, such as ductility, impact resistance and heat resistance, will be equivalent to those of polylactic acid (PLA), NEC said. The company plans to continue the development of the plastic as a material for electronic devices, aiming to commercialize it in fiscal 2013.

Molded parts made of the new biomass plastic and pellets

The plastic is made by using rice straws (cellulose) and cashew nuts (cardanol).

The main raw materials of the new biomass plastic are cellulose, which is abundantly contained in plant stalks, and cardanol, which can be extracted from cashew nut shells.

via NEC Develops Biomass Plastic, Claims Superiority to PLA.

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