“AKB0048″ anime series voice cast announced

On Tuesday, the official website for the AKB48 anime series announced the show’s 9 main cast members and revealed its basic story. The cast features 5 AKB48 team members, including Watanabe Mayu.

The anime, titled “AKB0048,” was first announced in October. Voice auditions were held for the 9 main characters, with approximately 200 members of AKB48 and its related groups eligible for the parts. The field was narrowed down to 30 finalists after the first round, and the final judging took place on December 13.

The winners were:

Watanabe Mayu (AKB48 Team B)

Mita Mao (NMB48 research student)

Ishida Haruka (AKB48 Team B)

Sato Sumire (AKB48 Team B)

Hata Sawako (SKE48 Team KII)

Nakaya Sayaka (AKB48 Team A)

Yagami Kumi (SKE48 Team S)

Iwata Karen (AKB48 research student)

Sato Amina (AKB48 Team B)

Four members were also given special awards during the final round of the audition:

Takeuchi Miyu (AKB48 Team 4)

Murashige Anna (HKT48)

Kinoshita Momoka (NMB48 research student)

Furukawa Airi (SKE48 Team KII)

“AKB0048″ is set in a world where entertainment is prohibited, but a group of idols named AKB0048 continue to hold guerrilla performances in spite of the law.

The group inherited their name from AKB48, the legendary idol group that existed on Earth before a devastating world war made Earth uninhabitable, forcing its people to migrate to outer space. A galactic alliance was soon formed,  which aimed to bring order by outlawing entertainment. Idols and other forms of entertainment have gradually faded away, but AKB0048 was born in an attempt to bring light to the darkness to that has overtaken the galaxy.

“AKB0048″ is scheduled to start airing next spring. It was previously announced that the staff includes director Kawamori Shoji of “Macross” fame, screenwriter Okada Mari (“Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai”), and producer Otsuki Toshimichi (the “Evangelion” movies).

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