Robo-suit to allow aging farmers to continue tending fields

Shigeki Toyama, a professor at Tokyo Agriculture and Technology (TAT) University, is developing a power-assist suit for elderly agriculture workers, similar to robo-suits that are used in Japanese hospital and nursing homes.

The metal-and-plastic exoskeleton boasts eight electric motors that amplify the strength of the wearer’s arms and legs, as well as sensors that can detect movements and respond to commands through a voice-recognition system.
Professor Shigeki Toyama and his team developed the power-enhancing suit at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and Toyama plans to set up a company to start producing the futuristic outfit by the end of the year.

“If the farmer bends over to grasp a radish, his back will be firmly supported,” said Gohei Yamamoto, one of the students working on the team, as he recently demonstrated the suit on his university campus.

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