Inspector Gadget iPhone Invention Quick-Draws Your Phone

Answering phone calls by taking it out of your pocket or purse and placing it to your ear is so 2012. Now that a Japanese man has invented an iPhone quick-draw system, the only way we want anyone to answer their phone is by having it project out of their sleeve, to then hold it up to their ear in a super-cool manner.

The Japanese inventor featured in the video above shows a number of his prototypes for a quick-draw iPhone system. Some prototypes completely fall apart, while others shoot the iPhone out of his hand at screen-cracking speed. Ultimately, the inventor produces just the right prototype for him to begin using it for its obvious purpose: to perform a montage of cool-looking action moves, ending with answering his iPhone.

For some strange reason, at one point in the video, the inventor equips the quick-draw iPhone system to his legs. A moment later, he performs a quadruple quick-draw that makes us immediately wish we had such a system available to us right now.

Read the rest of the story: Japanese Inventor Features Quick-Draw iPhone System In Mind-Blowing Montage.

Hopefully this guys phone will really ring sometime soon. It’s pitiful to watch him fake answer it every time.

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