Kato Cha of The Drifters marries woman 45 years younger

Today’s issue of the tabloid Shukan Post reveals that talento Kato Cha (68) has remarried with a 23-year-old woman from the Hiroshima prefecture. The two tied the knot sometime in late June (according to some sources, June 23).

On Sunday, Kato was in Fukuoka to throw the opening pitch at a baseball game. The Sports Hochi newspaper interviewed him after that, and at the time Kato denied that he had married. When he returned by plane to Tokyo later that day, he found himself surrounded at Haneda Airport by reporters asking him about his new wife. He remained silent as he was escorted past the crowd by security guards. However, his agency later confirmed to the media that it had received notice from Kato about his marriage.

It appears that Kato’s wife currently works as a secretary but has some past modeling experience. The pair met about two years ago and started dating soon after that.

Kato, a member of the band The Drifters, first married in 1987 to a woman 18 years younger than him. A couple years later, they gave birth to a daughter who is now 20 years old. They divorced in 2003.

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