ComiPo! Manga-Making Program English Version to be Released in 2011

The Tokyo-based software company Web Technology Com Corporation announced on Wednesday that it is developing an English-language version of ComiPo!, a program that allows users to create their own manga with pre-created 3D characters and settings. According to the company, even “people who can’t draw” can create manga with this software, similar to the way that people who cannot necessarily sing can create vocal songs with the Vocaloid software tools. Web Technology Com plans to release the English version next spring. The Japanese version of the software was released on Wednesday in packaged and downloadable forms.

Manga creator Keiichi Tanaka (Minori no Seishun, Doctor Chichibuyama) is currently the company’s General Manager & Solution Sales Division, while Even A Monkey Can Draw Manga’s Kentaro Takekuma consulted on the software’s development.

Character designer Kumi Horii (Seitokai no Ichizon, Zone of the Enders) created the built-in character models. These models, along with the backgrounds, are available in 3D, allowing the users to shift the angles of either when designing their manga’s panels. Users can also customize Horii’s designs with different hairstyles, hair color, eyes, expressions, clothing, and other features.

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