Poster for Patlabor Unleashed – New Movie from Oshii Mamoru Director of Ghost in the Shell Coming Soon

"Patlabor", the award-winning science fiction manga, spawned 3 anime movies, an anime series, two OVA series, a three-part series of short films and two light-novels. Whew!!! Yuki Masami’s wrote the story and the world he created is set in a futuristic Japan full of police officers using highly advanced robots called "Patrol Labors" to pummel crime.

Yuki Masami’s fantastically futuristic world will be adapted into a live-action movie thanks to legendary filmmaker Oshii Mamoru and the Tohokushinsha Film Corporation.

Announced during the Tokyo International Anime Fair back in March, little has been released until now. A new promotional poster for the project was revealed at the Taiwan International Comic Exhibition in Taipei. Stay tuned for more on this new and exciting film…


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