The Sequel to ‘Marmalade Boy’ will be a New Series Starting March 28th

It was announced that the sequel to Yoshizumi Wataru’s popular manga “Marmalade Boy“, titled “Marmalade Boy little” will begin serializing with the May issue of monthly manga magazine “Cocohana” (Shueisha).

“Marmalade Boy” is a love story between Miki and Yuu who happen to start living together after both of their parents divorce and remarry by swapping partners.

It was previously serialized on Ribbon (Shueisha) during 1992 ~ 1995, and it also received TV anime adaptation in 1994. There was also a live-action drama adaptation in Taiwan in 2001.

The sequel “Marmalade Boy little” will be set 13 years later from the last episode of the “Marmalade Boy”. It will feature Miki and Yuu’s little sister and brother. Reportedly, the characters from the previous series, including Miki and Yuu will gradually be making appearances in the sequel.

The May issue of Cocohana will be released on March 28th.

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