Kami Anison – Godly Awesome Animation Songs – Part 4 – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The TV animation “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” is based on the Light Novel (a category of Japanese subculture novels) written by Nagaru Tanigawa.

Not only the song, but also the story, I think is very attractive. It is about daily life, but with a little bit of Sci-Fi. It’s the story of a girl, Haruhi Suzumiya, and her friends at high school. Its episodes are not in chronological order, so you don’t know everything until you finish the last one.

There is no doubt in mind that you will be caught up in Haruhi’s world as soon as you see it.

Here are both the Japanese and English lyrics and versions of the song.

Boken Desho Desho?
Kotae wa itsumo watashi no mune ni…
Nande daro Anata wo eranda watashi desu
Mou tomaranai Unmei sama kara kimerareta keredo

I believe Manedake ja tsumaranai no

You’ll be right!
Kanjiru mama kanjiru koto dake wo suruyo
Boken desho desho? Honto ga uso ni kawaru sekae de
Yume ga arukara tsuyoku narunoyo Dare no tame ja nai

Issho ni kite kudasai

Dokomademo jiyu na watashi wo mite yone

Ashita kako ni natta kyou no ima ga Kiseki

I believe you…


It’s an Adventure, right? Right?

I’ll always keep the answer safe right here inside my heart…
I don’t understand why is it that I run to you when I have a problem
Could it be that
I can’t help it because it’s been chosen by my destiny
I believe
Acting like everyone else is boring
You’ll be right!
If just can stay true to myself I know I can do Anything

Life is an adventure
Don’t hesitate and take all of your fears and just throw them away
Keep getting stronger follow through with your dreams and not just for anyone else’s sake
Please take my hand we’ll fly away
I won’t let you fall believe in me
If we can survive through the day
I’ll prove to you that there’s really no need for such things as miracles…

Keep reaching towards
A new future
I believe you…

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