Analog’s Last Day in Japan – Digital Broadcast Television

Sony recently announced it would discontinue production of the MiniDisc Walkman in September. It was just over a year ago that the company dropped the cassette Walkman, so within the space of 18 months two media will have bitten the dust. Though audiophiles may lament the end of another era, to most people it simply means something else to throw away. Obsolescence is built into technological progress.

Nevertheless, the economic windfall that home electronics makers have enjoyed with the changeover from analog to digital terrestrial broadcasts seems to be over. Analog broadcasts end today, so if the TV set you currently use only has an analog tuner, you won’t be able to watch terrestrial broadcasts after 12 noon. For months now you’ve been reminded of the impending change with distracting visual announcements on your screen counting off the days until the end. TV stations, with NHK in the lead, have been offering advice on how to make the switch as painless as possible; and consequently there’s been a run on digital TVs and tuners in the past month that’s been so intense deliveries aren’t guaranteed at some stores until the end of August. Significantly, 80 percent of the demand has been for old inventory sold at discount, according to the Asahi Shimbun, which means no profits for the manufacturers

Read the rest of the story: Today is D-Day for analog television | The Japan Times Online.

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