Aya Ueto & Go Morita are a couple

Aya Ueto (24) and V6 member Go Morita (31) are reportedly a couple. Rumors of the pair have been around since 2002, but there has been no confirmation of it until this week, when Ueto acknowledged that she is currently in a relationship.

Ueto attended a PR event for a new commercial for menswear company AOKI. Following up on a magazine article published last month that claimed that Ueto and Morita went on a White Day date on March 14, reporters asked Ueto about it and about her love life. She responded in the positive, revealing that she has been dating for a while.

Ueto and Morita played siblings in the 2001 drama series “Yome wa Mitsuboshi.” In December 2002, a tabloid magazine reported that the two were dating, but their agencies at the time did not acknowledge it. The rumor resurfaced last month with the article about their White Day date, and Ueto essentially confirmed it with her statements at the AOKI event.

Both Ueto’s and Morita’s representatives declined to comment further on the news.

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