“Cherry Nights” manga gets live-action show

Dragon Odawara’s comedy manga "Cherry Nights" is being adapted as a live-action television series, starring comedians Ayumu Kato (35) of the duo Zabungle and Yu Sawabe (24) of the duo Haraichi.

The original comic, which has been running irregularly since 2005, revolves around the everyday lives of two male virgins rooming together in a run-down apartment. Kato takes on the role of Kaoru Eto, a 30-year-old who boasts of being popular with the ladies, passing on his imaginary romance techniques to his eager 18-year-old disciple Hajime Tamura (played by Sawabe).

The "Cherry Nights" drama will be aired by BS Fuji late on Sunday nights (2:00am), starting on October 10.

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