Comedian Kano Eikou proposes to Girlfriend Atsuko

Comedian Kano Eikou may soon be getting married. During a taping for a 3-hour special of “London Hearts” TV Asahi that will air next week, Kano publicly proposed to his girlfriend Atsuko.

Her response will be revealed during the “London Hearts” show’s broadcast at 7:00pm on October 4th.

Kano has been dating Atsuko since 5 years ago, even before Kano became a well-known celebrity. The two are currently living together. In April of this year, they had a little fight, and London Boots 1go 2go member Tamura Atsushi 37 helped them resolve the matter. At that time, Kano decided that Atsuko was the only one for him, so Tamura began helping him create a marriage proposal plan.

Kano carried out the plan during a taping at Makuhari Messe on September 14. Kano took the stage as 50TA the artist name he uses when singing on “London Hearts” and tearfully sang a love song that he wrote over the past 3 months. Atsuko, unaware of the plan, was in the guest seating among an audience of 5,000 people, and Kano finally proposed to her with a ring.

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