Comedian Kimura Yuichi and Model Nishikata Ryo to Marry

Comedian Kimura Yuichi (48) and actress Nishikata Ryo (31) have decided on a marriage date. During a taping of the variety show “Oh! Doyagao Summit,” he revealed that they plan to register their marriage on May 8 of this year.

Kimura and Nishikata’s relationship was first discovered in 2009. The two met when Nishikata made her acting debut in “Nisesatsu,” Kimura’s first film as a director. Last November, it was reported that they got engaged.

Kimura said they chose the May 8 date because it fell between the marriage date of Kimura’s parents (May 6) and Nishikata’s parents (May 9).

This will be the 4th marriage for Kimura, whose last marriage was with talento Emiri Henmi between 2006 and 2008.

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